I'm Emma Grace, the owner of Gracealyn! 

I'm so glad you love Gracealyn as much as I do! Gracealyn was born through taking things I love but making them unique and quality, for a good price. I started Gracealyn in the Spring of 2020, as a way to keep me busy and creative while school was virtual during COVID. Because of you & your amazing support, Gracealyn has now shipped to all 50 states & over 105 countries! (You're all truly the best). My goal is to make sure you feel like your best and happiest self when wearing your Gracealyn, and to subtly remind you to treat people (and yourself) with kindness every day.

A little bit about me?

I am currently 19 years old and a sophomore in college and studying marketing at Michigan State University! I've been a Harrie since day one, but was a One Direction gal first! When I'm not listening to Harry, I love One Direction, Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, Niall, and so much more! When I'm not working on Gracealyn, I love spending time with my family, friends and two cats! I adore bringing creative in other ways such as videography, photography and crafts when I'm not designing. I also love shopping and traveling when able! 

The most amazing support

As a full time college student, Gracealyn wouldn't be here without my amazing parents! They may be behind the scenes, but they have been a huge help in making Gracealyn possible. Whether its product ideas*, design inspo, or packing orders while I am away at college, they make it possible!

*My dad has been on me to tell everyone that the "Harry's Key Set" was his idea, so heres your credit Dad :)