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New Year Box

New Year Box

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Love on Tour Tee Size

Harry's Box includes:

1- Cause I love you Babe Tote

1-Love on Tour Pink Pink Tee

1 Pair of TPWK  Socks

1- TPWK Key Chain

1- Harry Is My Friend Wrist Lanyard

1- You Are Home Gold Necklace 

1- Confetti Pearl Necklace

1- Airplane Necklace

1- Love On Tour Wristlet

1- H Ring

1- S Ring

1- Treat People with Kindness Sign Sticker

1-  TPWK Air Freshener

1- Come On Harry we wanna say goodnight to you Air freshener

1- Honey Bear Air Freshener

1- TPWK Sticker

1 - Come On Harry we wanna say goodnight to you sticker

1- You Know I love you babe Sticker

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