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The "Olivia"

The "Olivia"

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The "Olivia" is our most popular "It Girl" pack. This is based off the 1D song "Olivia". 

This song is widely popular for its upbeat vibes and the mystery behind Olivia. "Is she a person? a feeling? a place? an idea?" nobody knows! 

The "Olivia" is curated to match her vibe perfectly. The "Bubblegum Pink Sunnies" and "Rose Quartz Necklace" are included to match her upbeat vibe, as well as the very "girly" personality directioners have portrayed her to have. The "Butterfly Hair Clip", "Crystal Butterfly Necklace" and "Take Flight Ring" are inspired by the lyric "Summertime and butterflies, all belong to your creation". Finally, the "Daisy Chain Necklace" matches the style Olivia gives off, along with the songs reference to summertime, which is known for its flowers. 

-1 daisy chain Necklace
-1 pink sunglasses
-1 rose quartz necklace
-1 butterfly clip
-1 take flight ring
-1 crystal butterfly necklace


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