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The "Georgia Rose"

The "Georgia Rose"

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The "Georgia Rose" It Girl Bundle, is based off 1D's song "Best Song Ever" and the lyric "Said her name was Georgia Rose". The fandom has created a style and presence after her personality, that this box is based after. Georgia Rose is said to be sweet and is represented by the "Rose Coin Necklace" and "Flower Hair Scarf", as this could only make sense, to represent the "rose" in her name. She is additionally represented by the "TPWK Phone grip Holder", "Butterfly Huggie Earrings" and "Butterfly Necklace" to represent her carefree side. She is also represented by the "Blue/Gray Sunglasses" To block the bright Georgia sun. 


Blue/Gray sunglasses
Hair Scarf
rose coin necklace
butterfly necklace
butterfly huggies

tpwk Phone Grip

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