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The "Noelle"

The "Noelle"

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The "Noelle" is based off the song "Teenage Dirtbag" frequently sung by 1D during their early days as a band. "Noelle" has been described by fans as very quiet, shy and grungy.  We represent her by the "HS Butterfly Water Bottle" as Harry had many solos in this song, and it matches the vibe Noelle gives off. The "Chain Ring" and "Flat Chain Necklace" is included to match her carefree, year grungy personality through a simplistic touch of gold. The "black Sunglasses" match her vibe, along with the "Record Decor" and the "Record  Phone Grip Holder". 
Black Sunglasses
chain ring
flat chain
record decor
Phone grip

Water bottle

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